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Hereunder you`ll find an exceprt of our menue.


Consommé with beefbone marrow dumplings

EUR 3,50


Basil soup with asparagus

EUR 4,50



Smoked salmon with potato fritters and herb sauce

EUR 5,50


Squid filets fried in garlic butter with side salad

EUR 6,50


Main dishes

Pork Tenderloin kebab with herb butter, beans in the shirt of bacon and fried potatoes

EUR 18,50


Lamb hip with bacon beans and rosemary potatoes

EUR 19,50


Pork medallions with creamed mushrooms Spätzle and seasonal vegetables

EUR 17,50


Rump steak with pepper cream sauce, French fries and mixed salad

EUR 20,80


Rump steak with herb butter, fried potatoes and mixed salad

EUR 20,80


Rump steak with garlic pivoted in butter, French fries and mixed salad

EUR 20,80


Stuffed veal rolls with Zucchini and pesto with gnocchi and mixed salad

EUR 18,50


Cordon Bleu with Frech fries and mixed salad

EUR 13,80


Steamed salmon in Riesling sauce with ribbon pasta and mixed salad

EUR 16,80


Tagliatelle with seafood in Riesling sauce and mixed salad

EUR 14,50


Fettuccine with shrimp skewer and pesto

EUR 12,50

Gladly we accept personally or by phone at 0049 (0)6353-7776 your reservation.